IWP Παπαδερός Γεώργιος ΑΕ

The weekly i wood seminar was held at our premises

For the second consecutive year, the weekly seminar (6-10 / 5/2019) was held within the curriculum of the postgraduate program “META-INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Designing and Artistic Practices for the Production in everyday Life” of the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, in our premises in Peania. The research seminar / workshop in our area aimed at studying the expansion of production through the design of potential applications. The participating students get acquainted with the materials and manufacturing capabilities of our company and studied the tolerance and endurance of these materials in combination with existing manufacturing know-how.

At the end of the seminar the participants should have thought about and made a useful object made of wood or its derivatives.

We would like to thank the students who participated in this seminar, but especially Dr. Th. Zafiropoulos (Assistant Professor of NTUA) and Dr. G. Gyparakis (NTUA Assistant Professor), who completed the seminar with complete success. We hope that this action will become an institution and welcome Dr. Zafeiropoulos and his team next year.

Here are some of the student’s proposals, created during the seminar:

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