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We lower your costs by developing wooden packaging that is perfectly suited to your company's specific needs.
We lower your costs by developing wooden packaging that is perfectly suited to your company's specific needs.

IWP develops and constructs wooden boxes for every demand, regardless the required specifications, dimensions, materials according to our customer’s benefit. We offer to the market the proper wooden crate for packing, transportation or storage purposes. Our goal is to provide always the best product mix that will safeguards the contained products at a reasonable price.

Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are a modern
and highly efficient
wooden packaging
solution for compact,
bulky or friable products
of different types, that
works together with
standardised wooden
pallets, like euro pallet, or
custom pallets.

This solution works as a substitution for the classic wooden boxes and guarantees reliable protection of cargo, as it satisfies all the requirements related to safe storage and transport. At the same time pallet collars offer labour safety and flexibility.


Collars are held together with special metal hinges that allow them to be stacked on top of each other to create a container of the required height accordingly to the packaged product. They provide easy and fast handling during the assembly process without use of equipment, ensuring the safety of your employees, as well as offer undeniably faster and easier access to stored products.

Storage & Life Cycle

Folded pallet collars optimize the available space both in your warehouse but also during transport, as they are the most compact type of wooden packaging. When not in use, they have the ability to fold, saving up to 87% of your available space compared to classic wooden boxes. Τhe quality of their construction and their resistance to wear and time, allow you to use them for up to 10 years, reducing significantly your annual costs. Also, possibility of replacing individual parts of the collar makes this type of packaging solution sustainable.

Suitable for

Suitable for various industries, pallet collars are the perfect
solution for transporting and storing products of any type
and size.


Display Packaging

Display Packaging

Mechanical Engineering

Metal working


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